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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to care for my flowers?

From a single bud to a small bunch to an abundant arrangement, just a little extra care can make a big difference. Most floral arrangements last from 4 to 7 days, depending on the types of flowers used and the type of care they receive. Here are some specific tips to keep your flowers looking beautiful:

  • - Keep the vase or container full of water by adding fresh water daily or as needed.
  • - If the water becomes cloudy or murky, replace it entirely.
  • - Keep flowers in a cool location (65 - 72° F) and away from direct sunlight, heating and cooling vents, drafts from ceiling fans, and open windows or doors.
  • - Flowers should not be displayed on televisions, refrigerators, radiators, or other electrical appliances.


Our goal is that every arrangement we create resembles the unique designs photographed for our website. We are committed to providing the highest quality floral design and product possible. Our website is updated daily to ensure displayed arrangements are available for delivery.

Due to market availability and other circumstances, we must occasionally substitute flowers or containers in our design.
When making a substitution, we try to substitute with a flower that maintains the same color and design style as the arrangement you ordered. We will always contact you if a major substitution is needed to confirm this is OK. What does this mean?

  • - If an arrangement contains an assortment of pink and green flowers and we do not have one of the green flowers available, we will substitute it with green flowers of similar value.
  • - If the arrangement contains all Pink and Green Tulips, and we don't have the Pink Tulips available, we will contact you and determine the best alternative.
  • - If an arrangement contains all long-stemmed red roses and a small white accent flower, we might substitute the accent flower with another variety of white accent flowers.
  • - We would not substitute anything for the red roses and would contact you to determine how to proceed.

All of our creations should be unique and exactly what you want. We are very flexible, so please add any special requests in the "Special Instructions" field during the first step of your order.

What size should I order?

Our creations come in many different sizes and shapes.
Three arrangement sizes are typically available for all arrangements:

Standard, Deluxe & Premium

Standard is our small size, usually in a vase with a 4" opening, and is perfect as an accent on a desk, powder room, or small side table. Typically priced from $75-$125
Deluxe is our most popular size and will be appropriate for a coffee table or centerpiece (seating 4-8). The vase typically has a 5" opening and can be either low and lush or tall. Priced $125-$175
Premium is sized to impress and works well for a buffet table, entry table, and centerpiece for a table seating 8-12. Priced $175, $250 and beyond.

What is the policy for flowers that do not last or are not what was ordered?

The Flower Bar guarantees your complete satisfaction with our product. Sometimes, mother nature lets us down. We very much want to hear if there is any issue with any order so we can take steps to make it up to you with a full refund, a replacement arrangement and/or credit for a future arrangement. We also guarantee our orchids and plants to flower for a full month after delivery and will replace any plant that does not last with a new one.


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